[EV] The Dragons Demand

Week 4: The Dragons quest

After a long day of fighting, being kidnapped and being tricked by demons the group got tired and sat down for a nice meal prepared by Mathezic Wizard Huncley┬┤s servent. Not much was said around the dinning table and as they finished of the last bite of food a piercing scream came from outside.
As the group walked towards the door a arrow flew through the window and sent shards of glass flying all over. Well outside the group found that a small army of Kobolds lead by a Dragon had attacked the village. Fighting their way through the village to the baroness fortification the party defeated a vast number of enemies and managed to help the baroness escape death.
After saving the baroness the green dragon Aeteperax landed in front of the small group that had gathered. Not wanting to fight the dragon requested what was rightfully his, a treasure the wizard Huncley possessed before losing his life in the caved in tower. The heroes managed to get the dragon to stop the attack on the village but not before a guard was caught and dropped to his death in an attempt to scare everyone into submission by the dragon. Fletcher would have non of it and as the dragon landed he drew his sword and cut deep into one of the dragons nostrils infuriating the dragon who swatted the warrior away with his paw like a man swats a fly.
Agreeing to bring the treasure to dragon for half of its worth the players managed to save the town from a certain doom. The Baroness grateful and in aw at the bravery of Fletcher and the group paid the handsomely in gems and the pink slip to Huncley┬┤s old manor. Exhausted from fighting over and over the party set of home to their new house and on the made a quick stop to barter with the blacksmith for a new armor that Fletcher could ware and a new Greatsword for Tenrok.
After spending the night in various temporary beds they were woken by Mathezic moving furniture around to make the house more suited for 4 residents instead of 1. We leave our heroes as the Tenrok and Fletcher plays with their new toys at the blacksmith, Drix frantically reads trough book and looks at all the new stuff the party found in the house and Garriot still sleeping of the exhausting day prior.
Loot and XP:
House: 2 necklaces, 3 rings, 5 gems (5000 gp)
2 gold rings with black pearl (1350 gp)
Coins and gems (4400 gp)
6 Spellbooks (19800 gp)
5 exotic birds (200 gp)
13 Astronomy books (100 gp each)
600 various books (800 gp)
Book of extended summoning, a flesh golem manual, a manual of war
2 vials of oil of keen edge, a potion of undetectable alignment, a potion of protection from acid, a potion of protection from fire
a scroll of campfire wall, a scroll of excruciating deformation, a scroll if haunting mist, a scroll of magic circle against chaos

+3 moderate healing potions
-100 gp
+Mwk Greatsword

+Cloak of fangs
+Wand of web
+2 scrolls of glitterdust

-400 gp
+Half plate

1917xp/per player,
You should now have 5542 xp ,
458 xp to next level


Gondrick Gondrick

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