[EV] The Dragons Demand

Week 2: Entering The Huncley manor

After staying a night in The Jolly Monk where the group met the Aasimar druid Meredith and her two tigers the party decides to enter the Huncley manor after being discouraged by the town guards. Fletcher was called to the trial of Sesserak the female Kobold as the rest of the party ventures into The Huncley manor. The ground floor of the manor was elaborately decorated with exotic birds, carpets and other expensive furniture other then a great taste Mr Huncley also had a servant who had barricaded himself in a small room.
Before heading to the basement the players ordered Mathezic the remaining servant to cook a feast for them when they will return from their excavating of the manor. Well in the basement the group finds various amounts of storage rooms and one of the storage lookers were trapped and when triggered a piercing scream resounds throughout the corridor and dazes the group.
As the adventurers continue further down the basement they stumble upon a door en-scripted with a symbol that is suppose to keep dangerous summoned creatures locked in, but being adventurers makes a man or a female courageous and the party treads in. Well inside the new member Meredith gets compelled by a Schir demon to free it and she does the group tares the demon apart but during the heat of battle Meredith goes down and gets force fed a potion.

Loot and XP:
Drix: 2 necklaces, 3 rings, 5 gems
Tenrok: 2 Sextants
XP: 625 per PC


Gondrick Gondrick

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