[EV] The Dragons Demand

Week 5: Farewell Meredith

This week the Players set to the task of retrieving the treasure hidden by Huncley in a cave north of Belhaim. After being led to the cave by a Scottish/Irish Halfling called Fickleflink the group were nearly ambushed by a pack of wolfs. The party notice the pack seconds before being jumped and after a hard fight the party managed to slay all 7 of the wolfs including a Dire Wolf.
The cave entrance was behind a large pool of water, but the party noticed that the pool was reflecting the light in strange manners and had magical properties. Meredith took it upon herself to fly in and check the surroundings as she discovered that a reanimated undead brute had been placed inside the cave. When engaging the undead creature Meredith’s celestial tiger mortal wound before the rest of the party could join the fight. The party headed into the cave as the water had been altered in a way to make it possible to travel on. The group managed to slay the foe and find the treasure the dragon had demanded inside the cave next to the Undead Creature.
After sending for a cart to help transport the gold to the location the Aeteprax had designated the party set up camp but Meredith was not happy about the events of the day as she lost a close companion and thought better of it to leave the party. As Aeteprax approached the party hid a couple of books that seamed important and readied themselves for what was coming.
After close inspection of the treasure at hand Aeteprax noticed that what he was truly looking for was not among the treasure and gave the party an ultimatum, either the find the books he was looking for or they do not get the cut of the treasure that they were promised but the PCs stud their ground and went back to Belheim only to find their house turned upside down and two books short(Book of extended summoning and a flesh golem manual).

Loot and XP:
60 pp
4 Books on Astronomy in Osirian
Book: Secrets of the Dreaming Dark
4 packets of enchanted Dust of Darkness

XP 1000 Per Person
You should now have 6542 xp,
You have leveled up.


Gondrick Gondrick

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