[EV] The Dragons Demand

Week 5: Farewell Meredith

This week the Players set to the task of retrieving the treasure hidden by Huncley in a cave north of Belhaim. After being led to the cave by a Scottish/Irish Halfling called Fickleflink the group were nearly ambushed by a pack of wolfs. The party notice the pack seconds before being jumped and after a hard fight the party managed to slay all 7 of the wolfs including a Dire Wolf.
The cave entrance was behind a large pool of water, but the party noticed that the pool was reflecting the light in strange manners and had magical properties. Meredith took it upon herself to fly in and check the surroundings as she discovered that a reanimated undead brute had been placed inside the cave. When engaging the undead creature Meredith’s celestial tiger mortal wound before the rest of the party could join the fight. The party headed into the cave as the water had been altered in a way to make it possible to travel on. The group managed to slay the foe and find the treasure the dragon had demanded inside the cave next to the Undead Creature.
After sending for a cart to help transport the gold to the location the Aeteprax had designated the party set up camp but Meredith was not happy about the events of the day as she lost a close companion and thought better of it to leave the party. As Aeteprax approached the party hid a couple of books that seamed important and readied themselves for what was coming.
After close inspection of the treasure at hand Aeteprax noticed that what he was truly looking for was not among the treasure and gave the party an ultimatum, either the find the books he was looking for or they do not get the cut of the treasure that they were promised but the PCs stud their ground and went back to Belheim only to find their house turned upside down and two books short(Book of extended summoning and a flesh golem manual).

Loot and XP:
60 pp
4 Books on Astronomy in Osirian
Book: Secrets of the Dreaming Dark
4 packets of enchanted Dust of Darkness

XP 1000 Per Person
You should now have 6542 xp,
You have leveled up.

Week 4: The Dragons quest

After a long day of fighting, being kidnapped and being tricked by demons the group got tired and sat down for a nice meal prepared by Mathezic Wizard Huncley´s servent. Not much was said around the dinning table and as they finished of the last bite of food a piercing scream came from outside.
As the group walked towards the door a arrow flew through the window and sent shards of glass flying all over. Well outside the group found that a small army of Kobolds lead by a Dragon had attacked the village. Fighting their way through the village to the baroness fortification the party defeated a vast number of enemies and managed to help the baroness escape death.
After saving the baroness the green dragon Aeteperax landed in front of the small group that had gathered. Not wanting to fight the dragon requested what was rightfully his, a treasure the wizard Huncley possessed before losing his life in the caved in tower. The heroes managed to get the dragon to stop the attack on the village but not before a guard was caught and dropped to his death in an attempt to scare everyone into submission by the dragon. Fletcher would have non of it and as the dragon landed he drew his sword and cut deep into one of the dragons nostrils infuriating the dragon who swatted the warrior away with his paw like a man swats a fly.
Agreeing to bring the treasure to dragon for half of its worth the players managed to save the town from a certain doom. The Baroness grateful and in aw at the bravery of Fletcher and the group paid the handsomely in gems and the pink slip to Huncley´s old manor. Exhausted from fighting over and over the party set of home to their new house and on the made a quick stop to barter with the blacksmith for a new armor that Fletcher could ware and a new Greatsword for Tenrok.
After spending the night in various temporary beds they were woken by Mathezic moving furniture around to make the house more suited for 4 residents instead of 1. We leave our heroes as the Tenrok and Fletcher plays with their new toys at the blacksmith, Drix frantically reads trough book and looks at all the new stuff the party found in the house and Garriot still sleeping of the exhausting day prior.
Loot and XP:
House: 2 necklaces, 3 rings, 5 gems (5000 gp)
2 gold rings with black pearl (1350 gp)
Coins and gems (4400 gp)
6 Spellbooks (19800 gp)
5 exotic birds (200 gp)
13 Astronomy books (100 gp each)
600 various books (800 gp)
Book of extended summoning, a flesh golem manual, a manual of war
2 vials of oil of keen edge, a potion of undetectable alignment, a potion of protection from acid, a potion of protection from fire
a scroll of campfire wall, a scroll of excruciating deformation, a scroll if haunting mist, a scroll of magic circle against chaos

+3 moderate healing potions
-100 gp
+Mwk Greatsword

+Cloak of fangs
+Wand of web
+2 scrolls of glitterdust

-400 gp
+Half plate

1917xp/per player,
You should now have 5542 xp ,
458 xp to next level

Week 3: The kidnapping

The party had just slain the demon and was examining the room when both the sorceress was pull trough a portal in a well. In a desperate attempt to follow them Fletcher who had just joined the party again after the Kobolds trial tried to lower Tenrok down the well but there was nothing in there.
After collaborating for a few minutes they decided to search for their friends and headed back down one of the corridors and soon the stumbled upon a room full of clockwork materials and tools. One of the tigers managed to locate a hidden door that led to a dark and cold corridor(Huncley Loved corridors). As they walked through the corridor the stumbled onto a open iron door where a small child like demon resided kept captive in a summoning circle.
After some information from the demon the party set him free but only to kill him but this demon was having non of it and teleported away. It did not make it far until Tenrok and Fletcher cut it down in what can only be described as great effort of teamwork.
The information led the party to the observatory at the top of the manor where a undead mage kept the two sorceress captive. The part made quick work of the mage and went on to free their friends and loot the place.
Astronomy miscellaneous (Value 5000gp )
masterwork dagger
348 gp
+1 Scimitar
+1 Short Sword
Leather armor
Fletcher Astra:
Cloak of Resistance +1
XP/Player 1500 xp

Week 2: Entering The Huncley manor

After staying a night in The Jolly Monk where the group met the Aasimar druid Meredith and her two tigers the party decides to enter the Huncley manor after being discouraged by the town guards. Fletcher was called to the trial of Sesserak the female Kobold as the rest of the party ventures into The Huncley manor. The ground floor of the manor was elaborately decorated with exotic birds, carpets and other expensive furniture other then a great taste Mr Huncley also had a servant who had barricaded himself in a small room.
Before heading to the basement the players ordered Mathezic the remaining servant to cook a feast for them when they will return from their excavating of the manor. Well in the basement the group finds various amounts of storage rooms and one of the storage lookers were trapped and when triggered a piercing scream resounds throughout the corridor and dazes the group.
As the adventurers continue further down the basement they stumble upon a door en-scripted with a symbol that is suppose to keep dangerous summoned creatures locked in, but being adventurers makes a man or a female courageous and the party treads in. Well inside the new member Meredith gets compelled by a Schir demon to free it and she does the group tares the demon apart but during the heat of battle Meredith goes down and gets force fed a potion.

Loot and XP:
Drix: 2 necklaces, 3 rings, 5 gems
Tenrok: 2 Sextants
XP: 625 per PC

Week 1 Marrying a Kobold

A short summary for the first session in a long series.

The party arrived at the town of Belhaim as guards for a caravan that was stopped by the sheriff for carrying illegal contraband. Silas the leader of the caravan was put under arrest and escorted back to Wispit by sheriff Benhovy. The party tried to get paid for their job as guards but was only given a free stay plus food at the inn. While the party was sat in the inn eating a free meal and feeling angry about not getting paid they hear a great thunderous clap and leaves the tavern to investigate.

On closer inspection the find out the a tower has fallen in the town and was tasked to investigate the cause since the sheriff was out of town and the deputies Letha Mulle and Varyl Hodd don´t have a clue at what the do. After crushing bugs, bull rushing ghosts, falling into traps, destroying a clockwork servant and slaying a ghoul all in under a few hours the stumble upon the crime scene.

There under the ruble lies a gray haired man that they believe to be Huncley a local wizard, further down in the tunnel the bump in to some Kobolds that they defeated fairly quickly and one of them surrendered. Sesserak the sassy female kobold who surrendered tried to talk her way out of the situation by giving the players some gold and telling them that Huncley ordered the attack on the tower.

The party would have non of it and tied her up to bring back for questioning by the baroness. On the way back Sesserak tries to get Fletcher Astra a member of the party to proclaim his love to her but all she gets are a couple of smacks on top of her head. Once at the baroness the party get paid and are asked to get rid of the kobolds who lives close to the quarry for a reward. The baroness also offers to hold a ceremony for Sesserak and Fletcher if they decide to get married.

To be continued.

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