[EV] The Dragons Demand

Week 3: The kidnapping

The party had just slain the demon and was examining the room when both the sorceress was pull trough a portal in a well. In a desperate attempt to follow them Fletcher who had just joined the party again after the Kobolds trial tried to lower Tenrok down the well but there was nothing in there.
After collaborating for a few minutes they decided to search for their friends and headed back down one of the corridors and soon the stumbled upon a room full of clockwork materials and tools. One of the tigers managed to locate a hidden door that led to a dark and cold corridor(Huncley Loved corridors). As they walked through the corridor the stumbled onto a open iron door where a small child like demon resided kept captive in a summoning circle.
After some information from the demon the party set him free but only to kill him but this demon was having non of it and teleported away. It did not make it far until Tenrok and Fletcher cut it down in what can only be described as great effort of teamwork.
The information led the party to the observatory at the top of the manor where a undead mage kept the two sorceress captive. The part made quick work of the mage and went on to free their friends and loot the place.
Astronomy miscellaneous (Value 5000gp )
masterwork dagger
348 gp
+1 Scimitar
+1 Short Sword
Leather armor
Fletcher Astra:
Cloak of Resistance +1
XP/Player 1500 xp


Gondrick Gondrick

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