[EV] The Dragons Demand

Week 1 Marrying a Kobold

A short summary for the first session in a long series.

The party arrived at the town of Belhaim as guards for a caravan that was stopped by the sheriff for carrying illegal contraband. Silas the leader of the caravan was put under arrest and escorted back to Wispit by sheriff Benhovy. The party tried to get paid for their job as guards but was only given a free stay plus food at the inn. While the party was sat in the inn eating a free meal and feeling angry about not getting paid they hear a great thunderous clap and leaves the tavern to investigate.

On closer inspection the find out the a tower has fallen in the town and was tasked to investigate the cause since the sheriff was out of town and the deputies Letha Mulle and Varyl Hodd donĀ“t have a clue at what the do. After crushing bugs, bull rushing ghosts, falling into traps, destroying a clockwork servant and slaying a ghoul all in under a few hours the stumble upon the crime scene.

There under the ruble lies a gray haired man that they believe to be Huncley a local wizard, further down in the tunnel the bump in to some Kobolds that they defeated fairly quickly and one of them surrendered. Sesserak the sassy female kobold who surrendered tried to talk her way out of the situation by giving the players some gold and telling them that Huncley ordered the attack on the tower.

The party would have non of it and tied her up to bring back for questioning by the baroness. On the way back Sesserak tries to get Fletcher Astra a member of the party to proclaim his love to her but all she gets are a couple of smacks on top of her head. Once at the baroness the party get paid and are asked to get rid of the kobolds who lives close to the quarry for a reward. The baroness also offers to hold a ceremony for Sesserak and Fletcher if they decide to get married.

To be continued.


Gondrick Gondrick

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